Poncho's Portugal handgebreid

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Poncho 50% gerecyclede katoen, 50% gerecyclede katoen, handgebreid door een vrouwenassociatie in het noorden van Portugal

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Artisanal Production 100% Hand made - This product is 100% hand made knitted in true Portuguese tradition ! It has been knitted with dedication by women from a Northern Portugal association. Thermal Comfort Soft & Insulating - Wool is known for its great virtues in insulation. It protects well against cold and moisture. Thick recycled wool & cotton yarn bringing softness and strenght. Centuries ago, Portuguese fisherman used to wear sweaters knitted with the same knits and face Atlantic Ocean temper during their hard work. Ecological Contribution - A green product 100% recycled and recyclable Reducing the volume of our waste and preserving our natural resources. Authentic Quality Unique & ethical - Yarn of high quality recycled from wool & cotton, collected and recycled in northern Portugal by a traditional association of passionate women. The initial sorting of colors avoids adding dye or colorant. These colors have a very good stability to washing. You might found a few different color yarn on your product… do not worry ! This is normal, and actually proves the yarn is really coming from recycling process. This also give a unique look to each piece ! Tradition & Know How - A centenary knitting Recycling wool goes back to centuries ago. After the sweaters became old, we used to shred them into individual fibers and make blankets out of it. Our recycled wool comes from the same process. The knitting technique to achieve our wool products is purely a very old Portuguese tradition that brings us back several centuries ago. Formerly, the women of this region knitted warm clothes for their husbands at sea. We are very proud to preserve this tradition. 

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